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             You can hear something. Shouting and loud crashes. When was the last time you heard something? You can't even remember.
            "Hey, Finn!" A male voice yells. "I found something!"
            "Jake I think its, a someone, not a something." Another guys voice says. You can hear things being moved away. "Hey, are you alive?"
            Something slid open, a glass door or something. A pair of arms lift up your upper body into a sitting position. You open your eyes slowly, the light nearly blinding you. When was the last time you were awake? You squint and try to see who woke you up.
            "Y-Y-Yes," you say hoarsely.
             Your vision is blurry and strained but you can vaguely see a boy. A teenager from what it looks like. He's wearing a blue short sleeved shirt with a white hood, which seemed to have two little ear like nubs on it. His eyes are blue and soft and he has shaggy blonde hair. There's concern in his eyes and a pain stabs your head, making you wince.
            "A-are you okay?!"
             Suddenly you can't breathe and the rubble filled room is spinning. You clutch onto the blonde boys shirt as the pain in your head pounds harder. The last thing you see is his beautiful blue eyes before you black out.
             "Where.. am I?" You groan, putting your palms against your searing forehead.
             "You're up!" The blonde guys voice says, sounding happy. "You had me and Jake kind of worried."
             You struggled to sit up, but his hand came against your back to help you. You met his gaze and he grinned at you. The other voice you heard before was named Jake, so you assume that this is the one named Finn.
             "Thank you," you said softly.
             "No problem," he said and handed you a glass of water, "how long were you in that tube thing in the old world ruins?"
              Tube thing... old world...
             "You didn't even realize where you were," he said with a sad tone, "did you?"
             Another sharp pain jolted into your head. You frowned, but tried to hide it. You cant remember much. The only thing that came to mind is your name. At least its better than nothing. You told told him your name and forced a small smile.
             "I'm Finn," The blonde said back with a cute grin.
             You blushed and looked around the room. Its messy and different types of goofy looking objects are strewn all about on the floor. The bed you're on seems to be covered in animal furs its incredibly soft and plush.
            "Its nice to meet you Finn," You said, crossing your arms under your breasts, "where, are we?"
            "Oh, after you passed out down in the underground old world city place, I carried you on my back to my tree house," he answered enthusiastically, "me and Jakes tree house."
             "I, mean what country? What state or province?"
             Finn tilted his head, seeming confused.
            "We're in Ooo, the Candy kingdom isn't too far from here."
            You frowned, and pulled your knees to your chest. You noticed the white body suit you wore, and wished you could remember something, anything else about yourself.
           "H-H-Hey! What did I say? Why are you crying?" Finn asked with a shocked expression.
            You hadn't even realized you were until he said something. You wiped away your tears and forced another smile.
           "I'm fine," you assured.
            He calmed a little but seemed nervous. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked away for a second before asking you a question.
           "Are you human?"
           "Of course," you answered looking Finn up and down. His question through you off a little. I mean since when would someone have to ask? "Aren't you?"
           "Yeah," he answered, throwing a sad smile your way, "its just that, I kinda thought that I was the only one left. I haven't seen any until now."
            You bit your lip and hugged your knees.
           "Then what are the people in the Candy Kingdom?" You asked.
           "Candy people." He said giving you an innocent look.
            You supposed that that made sense. Hearing light foot steps you looked to where the noise was coming from. A dog came from a semi large hole in the floor of the room, most likely from a ladder. But he's walking upright on two legs like a human. If that wasn't weird enough, when he opened his mouth...
            "Oh, hi, you're awake."
             You involentarily jumped into Finns lap and wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing yourself against him.
            "H-How can he talk?" You stuttered and hugged Finn tighter. He looked at you with a confused smile, lightly hugging you back around your waist.
            "That's Jake, he's technically the one who found you." Finn answered nonchalontly, "have you never seen a talking dog before?"
            You shook your head at him.
           "Haha, you're weird." He laughed. You couldn't help but notice the light blush that graced his features. You still clung to Finn, but said a quick apology to Jake and gave him your name. He smiled at you in return.
            "Lunch is ready if you guys want to come eat, I made us some meatloaf." He said with a joyful raise of his arms, and went back down the ladder.
            "Yum, my favorite!" Finn said enthusiastically, and stood. He moved his arms underneath you without so much as a second thought and carried you princess style towards the hole.
            "W-wait wait wait Finn!"
            He disregarded your stutters and jumped down with you clinging to him. You closed your eyes, but heard the loud thud of the two of you landing on a wooden floor.
             "Hey, why'd you close your eyes?" Finn asked and set you down at a wooden table, "Seeing yourself fall is half the fun."
            You gave a small sideways smile at the weird thought. You scooted over on the wooden bench so Finn could sit down next to you and Jake set plates of delicious meatloaf in front of you both.
            "Thank you," you say softly to him.
             Jake gave you a quick nod and smile then sat across from you and Finn. The three of you ate in silence. As you ate the admittedly delicious food the dog made, you stole glances at each of them. Not sure what to make of the odd pair. Why can't you remember anything? And what was that place you were in?
             "How about after lunch the two of you head to the Candy Kingdom?" Jake said still eating his food, "Bubblegum will probably be really interested to see another human besides you Finn."
             "Yeah!" Finn said excitedly with a mouth full of food, "PB will go banaynay!"
             Finn turned and looked at you, his face a little messy.
             "Whadaya say?" He asked, with a wide smile, "it'll be fun! We can even go on an adventure after that if you're up for it."
             "S-Sure, sounds fun."

               Its sunny and warm with a very light breeze. The grass beneath the feet of your body suit is comforting and familiar. Although you can't remember the last time you'd been outside, this felt right. Finn walked beside you as you passed through a field, a forest and around a lake. You glanced at him every once in a while, still unsure of what to make of him. He was tall, taller than you at least, with decently muscled arms and a handsome face. By his looks, you had to guess that he was maybe nineteen or maybe even in his early twenties. Which made you wonder where his parents were, or whether or not he had any.
                 "We're almost there," He said with a smile in your direction, "I can't wait till you see the Candy Kingdom for the first time, its mathematical!"
                 "You sure seem excited," You said, inwardly giggling at how he used that word. He seemed so carefree and childish, "So who's this PB you mentioned earlier?"
                "Princess Bubblegum," He answered, folding his arms behind his head and turning his eyes upward towards the cloud sprinkled sky, "She runs the Candy Kingdom. She's super smart and into a bunch of weird sciency stuff. She likes to study things and junk."
                 The way his eyes became dreamy made you wonder if maybe he had a crush on this Princess. You glanced around, your eyes falling on a large goofy looking palace up ahead. A smile spread across your lips, because it looked like a place you'd read about in a fairy tail.
                  "Is that where we're heading?" You asked him.
                  "Yeah!" He exclaimed excitedly, "C'mon, I'll race you!"
                   He took off ahead of you with a laugh. You smiled, and with a shake of your head you took off after him. It didn't take long for you to catch up to him. Finn looked pleasantly surprised that you had actually caught up. Although you were barely even trying, you could tell that he was pushing himself to run faster. His look of happiness quickly turning to one of concentration. Running across a small drawbridge with a moat underneath, you entered the color filled kingdom. Only once Finn slowed his pace did you slow yours. You turned, stepping towards him a little. He was breathing heavily but your breath came out even and slow.
                      "Wow! You're really fast!" He said, bent over, resting his hands on his knees and panting, "No girls ever beat me in a race before!"
                      "Well there's a first time for everything I guess." You said with a light blush. Although you have barely any memories, you're sure you've spoken to a guy before. But somehow being praised by him made your heart flutter.
                     "C'mon, Princess Bubblegum will be excited to see you," He said with a grin, his breathing becoming even. Suddenly all that childish confidence he had before seemed to vanish. Biting the inside of his cheek he rubbed the back of his neck and a soft pink hue graced his features. He glanced at you, then away and with a nervous sort of laugh and smile slipped his hand into yours, entwining your fingers together, "s-she should be this way."
                    After tugging you along through all sorts of different halls and corridors, the two of you entered a large lab like room. Full of beakers, test tubes, colorful wires and liquids. On the far side of the room someone in a white lab coat with long pink hair almost to the floor had their back to you.
                     "Hey Bubblegum, I got a surprise for you!" Finn said, his hand still clinging to yours in a comfortingly firm grip. He turned to face you with a gentle smile and encouraged you to step forward with a light tug of your hand. Leaning in towards your ear he whispered, "Its okay, don't be nervous. She's not mean."
                     The way you could feel his breath made your face heat up. The girl with pink hair turned around to face the two of you. Her skin was a lighter shade of pink than her hair, but still undeniably PINK.
                     "Oh, hello," She said, her eyes glancing at Finn then focusing on you, "Finn who's your friend?"
                     Her voice was sweet but something about her threw you off. Your hand held Finns tighter and you subconsciously leaned closer to him, making your shoulder press against his chest. Bubblegums eyes drifted down to your intertwined hands, making a smile form on her lips.
                     "I'm (name), the human." You answered, your voice soft and unsure. The princess frowned, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly.
                     "Human, huh."
                     The way she looked at you made you lean into Finn more. You didn't like the glint in her eyes.
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