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              "Ow, Marshall!" You said and lifted his smiling face from your chest, "believe it or not your teeth are sharp!"
              His smile turned into a large teasing grin. You're both laying on the stiff couch of his house, watching a scary movie. His face had been resting in your chest. The two of you often hung out like this, you're close friends, but you're not completely positive if you're more than that yet or not.
             "That's kinda the point," he scofted, wrapping his strong arms underneath your body, "I am the vampire king after all."
              "Just because you're the vampire king doesn't mean you can go around biting whoever you want." You scolded.
              His grip around you tightened almost to the point of pain. He looked at you with his demonic eyes and showed his fangs with a wide wicked grin.
             "Are you sure? If I really wanted to I could change you or kill you in an instant." He said adding an evil laugh.
            You looked at him and stroked the side of his face with the back of your hand. You met his eyes and gazed deeply into them.
           "You wouldn't really hurt me would you Marshall?" You asked him in a gentle tone.
          His eyes returned to their normal crimson and softened slightly. A moment of quiet passed between you two. Marshalls face turned lightly pink, then he forced a laugh.
           "You're kind of a wimp you know that," he said and floated off of you, "I hardly even brushed my fangs against you."
           Marshall likes to avoid mushy moments like the one you'd almost started. He folded his arms behind his head and faced the screen again. You knew he could feel you looking at him, and you can clearly see the smirk on his pale face. You knew he wouldn't be the one to apologize. And saying something to him, you knew, would be pointless. So you stood, grabbed your sweatshirt and walked to his door. You gave him a dismissive wave goodbye over your shoulder and started your walk home to the tree house. Where Fionna and Cake are probably sound asleep.
          You walked through the woods and ended up in a clearing full of fireflies. They're beautiful, the soft glow eminating from them filling the air with a soft sort of peaceful lightness. You were looking around at them when you tripped over something.
           You landed flush on Prince Gumball. Which is... pretty odd/ incredibly awkward. Considering the two of you never really spoke when Fionna wasn't around... and considering  the fact that you're laying on top of him.
           "Sorry!" You said trying to get off him.
           "Don't!" He protested and wrapped his arms around your upper body, holding you to his chest.
            A deep blush burned your features.
           "Gumball, what-" Gumballs hand covered your mouth.
           "Stay still and quiet," he said in a hushed tone, "they're all signaling that they're ready to mate, you're disturbing their process."
           Oh, thank glob. For a second there you thought he might be coming onto you. Your face is still slightly flushed, but you let yourself relax against him. While you layed on his chest you lifted your head to watch the fireflies. He removed his hand from your mouth but the arm that held you against him slipped down to your waist.
          "They flash their lights like that to help attract a potential mate," Gumball informed you quietly, "the light isn't what really gets the job done though. The key to a successful mating process is the pheromones that sometimes both the males and females use."
           "That's pretty cool." You said flatly, not really caring that much about all the sciency junk.
             As you layed on top of him Gumball looked at you more then he looked at the fireflies. Yours eyes seemed to glow in the same way the bugs were. Captivating. He cleared his throat, getting your attention. You locked eyes with him. When he didn't say anything you shrugged, and turned your attention back to the fireflies.
             "You're very beautiful,"
              Swearing you heard him wrong you gave him a confused look.
             "Come again?"
             "You're very beautiful," Gumball repeated, his face becoming pinker that normal, "Your luminance matches that of these Lampyridae."
              Lampyridae? He must be talking about the fireflies.
             "Listen, PG, hm that's sweet and all but-"
             "Your beauty is wasted on someone like Marshall."
             What? Why bring him up? You didn't know that much about Gumball but what does he have against Marshall?
              "Why would you say something like that?" You asked with a scowl, "know what, you don't know him,and I don't know you. So I'm just gonna go."
              When you tried to push off his chest, his arms wouldn't let you go.
              "Let me go," you demanded, trying to push away from him again to no avail, "Let me go!"
              "What are you yelling fo-"
              "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER?!" Marshall Lees voice boomed. He came crashing over a tree in his large bat form. You watched him step towards you and Gumball with wide eyes. He grabbed the two of you off the ground with his large clawed hands and pulled you from Gumballs grasp. Ripping the sleeves of your sweatshirt in the process.
               "Marshall..." You said softly. You'd never seen him this angry before. His large hand held you just beneath your breasts. Even in this frightening form of his you didn't feel scared. His grip around you was firm, but not crushing. Although you couldn't say the same for Gumball. It looked like Marshall was squeezing the life out of him, "Let him go Marshall you're gonna kill him!"
              "You're defending him?!" Marshall said, turning his large demonic eyes on you. His face held a scowl, but he dropped both you and Gumball back onto the ground. He shook his head and as he walked away he threw back a spite filled, "Whatever."
               For a moment you were beyond confused, stunned even. You could hardly stop your body from moving and following after him though.
               "Marshall!" You yelled. He couldn't have gone far, it had only been what, half a minute maybe? "C'mon Marshmallow! Where are you?"
               You wandered for a little bit then decided to run back to his house. He could be anywhere, but you had to start somewhere. Running up to his house you crashed through the door. The living room was dark, and the house was silent.
               "Marshall," you said in a soft tone, "are you here?"
               You made your way over to the ladder that led up to his room. Cautiously climbing up, you peeked over towards his bed. Sure enough you saw his form hovering above the mattress. His back facing downwards and his arms folded behind his head. You walked over to stand by the bed. His eyes were closed, but you highly doubted that he was asleep.
              "Why didn't you answer me?" You asked gently.
              "Go away." He answered, not bothering to even look at you.
              You cautiously sat on the bed and scooted closer to him. With him hovering the way he was, his side was level with your shoulder. You nudged him slightly, not earning a reaction. Marshall Lee could be kind of hard to understand sometimes.
              "Thanks," you said softly, folding your legs up to your chest, "ya know, for what you did back there."
               Still no reaction from the Vampire King.
              "Are you mad at me Marshmallow?" You asked softly.
               Marshall sat up next to you with a soft sigh, setting himself on the firm mattress.
              "I thought I told you not to call me that." He said, averting your eyes and rubbing the back of his neck, a long quiet passed between the two of you before he spoke again, "Im not mad alright, I just... don't get yourself into that kind of thing with him again. He may seem all goody goody but you never know."
              You turned your head to look at him. Craining your neck and leaning forward you planted a soft kiss onto his pale cheek. He hovered away from you with a quick jerk.
              "W-what was that for?" He asked, rubbing at the spot you'd kissed with his palm.
              "Sorry, I just," You looked down at your knees, unable to really think of something smart to say, "Its my way of saying thanks, ya know for helping me."
             Another long quiet passed between the two of you. Then you felt something on your cheek. When you turned you came face to face with Marshall, who was hovering on his stomach in front of you. His bright red eyes held your gaze for a moment before he smirked and pressed his lips against yours.
             "I'm not really the hero type," he said when he pulled away, "but I guess I can handle saving you every once in a while."
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Summer-Rose-Ruby Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
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Aw, Marshmallow turned sappy!~ :D

Marshall lee:I DID NOT!

XD this was super cute
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How dare barnaby do that to me 

kiss marshell on the cheek love yah Marshmellow
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*3 seconds in* Oh wow that was fast, he's already using my boobs as a pillow!
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So fluffy!!!! ^-^ It was awesome!
AWWWYo(≧∇≦o)o(≧∇≦o)this is sho ct
Sandnose Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student General Artist
This was super cute!!! I really hope you continue this

On another note, this reminds me of my first outing as Marshall Lee (I was with a Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, and a Fiona)...
The Fi was all like "Oh Marshmellow!" swoning over me, and PB was always holding me (since PBXMarshall was her ship) but I would always respond with a very confused and angery: "What did you do with my boyfriend?!" (sorry, but I ship Gumball and Marshall... haha, awkward) and would walk away arm-in-arm with Fiona. :D
Ahhh, good times! ^.^ (and hopefully I'll have some pics up soon of it!)
TheDragonBlackheart Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol omg that's amazing, I've been thinking about writing a part 2 but I need a starting point =P
I can totally relate I ship marshall x gumball, and marceline x bubblegum anyways so all is well ^_^ ctfu that scenario sounds so funny I could imagine it in cartoon version xD
x-Blizzard-x Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
This was extremely well written. Not to mention, you kept the characters in character and made it adorable. ^ ^ Great work.
TheDragonBlackheart Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww thanks (/_^
SummerCollins Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
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